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That's right.

We made this project as a part of Rails Rumble contest and are using a limited-time free server offered by them.

So we need to collect money to move to a new server, to cover transaction fees and to continue development of this service if it is demanded.

Maybe we should remove the fees, go opensource and crowdfund ourselves. We were discussing it but haven't made such decision yet.

We don't expect to hold large amounts for a long time because large amounts should attract dozens of commits every day (and thus will turn into small amounts quickly).

If it doesn't happen then we will probably introduce a fixed minimum size for a tip or some other mechanism to solve this problem.

Probably it is good to hold money for some time and to smooth the tip rewards thus placing authors of commits into nearly equal position.

By all means, please do keep taking a percentage as a sensible funding model; it doesn't seem at all unreasonable, and it ensures you'll stick around. I'd be more concerned if you didn't have any obvious revenue stream.

Alternatively, if you do make your site open (and that'd be awesome, please do), you should prominently encourage people to post tips to your repository.

I am glad you have thought about it it to this extent. It is always reassuring to see that the relevant point have been thought of, and that there is at least a provisional plan to deal with them. This gives me a fair amount more confidence in what you are doing.

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