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Summary of events if you don't want to read the entire comment thread just to discover what the heck the title of this post is talking about:

1. Kickstarter campaign for a new high-tech smart-watch launches. The creator, "Vak", responds to a few questions on the watch about specs and hardware in a noncommital, generic way that doesn't reveal a lot of details.

2. Skepticism increases when one customer claims that the watch is apparently identical to a Z3, a watch with similar specs, which they already own. They provide pictures and proof that indicate that the Vak may literally be using the Z3 itself in all the photos and just switching out the wristbands. [0]

3. A minor firestorm erupts in the comments; people accuse Vak of scamming them. [1]

4. Vak asks for time to construct a Kickstarter update, saying that the deluge of comments makes it impossible to respond individually.

5. A few days later, Vak responds to the points raised in the original accusation. [2]

6. ... and keeps responding with the same message, dozens of times. He (or someone using his account) repeatedly posts the same message, over and over and over, to the Kickstarter thread, in response to any skeptical questions.

7. Vak says "it wasn't me!" [3] Pretty much no one believes him.

8. Article gets posted to HN.

[0] http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/253126792/rocktm-first-q...

[1] http://i.imgur.com/8IyxKTC.png

[2] http://i.imgur.com/Fa2101J.png

[3] http://i.imgur.com/Sy7BfL9.png

The PCB they show (https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/935/465/b197830112a2...)

… has the model number (S2122B) of the SmartQ Z3 watch, too. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2501598

According to this guy's LinkedIn profile, www.linkedin.com/in/vaksambath, he is the CTO/CPO of Deka which recently ran an unsuccessful indiegogo campaign, http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/deka-the-most-customizable.... Interestingly, Michael Sawitz of FastStart.studio who has been mentioned on this thread, commented on the indiegogo campaign! I must admit, this is all very interesting and I am intrigued. Also, I cannot believe someone would seek $100000 for developing Bluetooth headset (as in indiegogo campaign), but just $50000 for a smartwatch development (as in kickstarter), especially someone who claims to have spent $500000 already for R&D!

Also it is very interesting how the story keeps changing. First version was that they developed the watch from scratch and a Chinese company stole their IP. Now the story is that they never developed any hardware, but only worked on the software. However they cannot even show any software properly working on a prototype.

I fail to understand how kickstarter has still left it open. Now the guy is saying that since kickstarter is allowing him to go on, his is a valid project.

LOL this guy is a fraud all around let's start with his linkedin profile:

You know someone is full of shit when their linkedin profile looks like this...

So he jumped from R&D Engineer | Marketing Dept SMC Networks TO: Founder/CEO MedMania Inc

CEO/Founder Campusbug.com (lol at this site)

Principal Partner WebNative

Co-Founder Pageable.com ( lol co-founded a site that isn't even up)

Chief Product Zen Officer Pivot HQ ( look he is the CPO of this lovely company http://pivothq.webs.com/)

General Partner/Co-Founder Bullear Partners (googled this and there isn't even a firm by this name)

Cofounder/Principal Managing Director Techzulu.com (legit news site for socal but don't see his name anywhere on the website as founder?)

Principal Managing Director Crushspot.com (is this his attempt to find a girlfriend)

Mentor and Advisor FastStart.studio(I don't see him on this site anywhere as mentor?)

Founder Rockfield Labs (who the fuck lists themselves as a founder of a meetup group? you organized a meetup group that has had 4 meetups in the last 2 years and you are some sort of founder?)

Startup Fanboy/Founder Duocampus (This looks like a damn furniture store... co-work space? really? only thing correct in this whole resume is "startup fanboy" looks like he tries to make fake companies or ride the coat tails of real entrepreneurs)

Head of Technology Concert BC (sorry but who ever is getting consultating from this company is getting ripped off if this guy can't even answer simple questions about specs on a product he supposedly made. http://www.concertbc.com/portfolio/vak-sambath-head-technolo...)

CTO/CPO Deka (lol this guy is a joke look for him at 1:15 in the video... so he was the CTO/CPO of a failed indiegogo campaign)

President Rock™ Smartwatch (let's see how this train wreck ends)

What an impressive resume huh? more like what a load of shit.

Googled him further: Supposedly he has a 500,000 fund? "- Money. That’s right—I have partnered with a $500K fund, through Anonymous Angels, that is focused on mobile apps & games. The sole requirement is that you have been a current member of BLANKSPACES for a month. Thanks Vak Sambath!" reference: http://www.blankspaces.com/blog/02/21/blankspaces-returns-to...

LMAO at this joke http://www.vaksambath.com/ ... save yourself time and scroll to the bottom and read that load of shit... with someone with many failed companies he tries to "crush others dreams" can we ban this guy from anything Tech or just in life general

This guy is pathetic "When asked what’s next for the app, Vak mentioned that they are developing RodeDog to work with various mobile providers. “We are building out the app for Google’s Android and Windows mobile and we hope to get the app in iTunes in spite of Apple’s restrictions.”" LOOK AT 0:31 on this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5Lt5U_pVCA He is the spokes person for ClipRoadie and then all of the sudden he is on the other team that conveniently won? Wait so did he win or did the 12 year old girl win... or are they the same person... maybe he is the 12 year old girl?

LOL maybe we should just give him a call... it only cost $1/min https://clarity.fm/vaksambath or we could socialcam him https://socialcam.com/u/Fk6y66Ob

I wonder what 103 domain names he owes lmao http://reversewhois.domaintools.com/vak-sambath

I should be a private investigator but I couldn't help but find more about this guy after reading this post.

Can someone from Orange County please go pay him a visit at one of his many offices or his cowork space.

Go have a meal with him lmao... this is quoted from his website vaksambath.com "Let Me Crush Your Dreams Or Not...over a meal. Please :) If you're why is any one of these, then let's do lunch. I love free meals. Not sure what's better though: eating the actual meal or the idea? Hehe. Jk. I'll be gentle."

> Can someone from Orange County please go pay him a visit at one of his many offices or his cowork space.

This isn't /b/. I'm pretty sure that kind of suggestion is frowned on in these parts.

I am actually a student/entrepreneur in residence at fastStart.Studio... I am emailing Michael Sawitz (the founder) right now...

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