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haha, I guess I do have a way of popping up anytime somebody's talking about deep learning on the internet...

But yeah, fair points re: ersatz. We've got RNNs, autoencoders, conv nets, and deep feed forward nets w/ dropout, different types of nonlinearities, etc etc. I think these represent a pretty flexible set of architectures--but you're right, if you're looking for an RBM, you're out of luck for now. From there, it's a web interface and API that make it pretty straightforward to get started with these types of architectures. Which is still pretty damned cool, if I do say so myself...

I think of it like this:

* Use theano if you want maximum flexibility (and maximum difficulty in getting to results)

* Use pylearn2 if you want a really fair amount of flexibility and pre-built implementations of neural networks. It is, however, difficult to get started with. Otherwise it's awesome.

* Use Ersatz if you want to use neural networks without knowing how to build them--but also know that you're giving up some flexibility and Ersatz is a bit opinionated--which, honestly, i'm not convinced is a bad thing for the type of market we're trying to target (non-ML researchers, really)

Very different offerings for different needs.

Re: custom architectures, yeah, you're right--bottom line is allocation of resources--what should our team spend time on? Because we're bootstrapped, the answer to that is whatever people are asking for (and--pretty importantly--willing to pay for). So far, lack of model types hasn't been a deal breaker for us so we've been spending time improving the API, getting it to run faster, deal better with larger and larger amounts of data, etc. etc. etc. I do have some ideas on how "custom architectures" could work, but we're focusing on polishing the current offering for now.

So yes, I agree, Ersatz is not yet living up to its full potential. But that will come, one step at a time. If theano and pylearn2 seem too complicated, try Ersatz, it's getting better every day.

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