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I would recommend anyone interested in his life to read his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom. http://www.amazon.ca/Long-Walk-Freedom-Autobiography-Mandela...

The thing that struck me about Nelson Mandela as he wanted to be seen in that book is that he tried very hard to see the good in people.

Perhaps it's to be expected that he's forgiving about former sworn enemies who ended up releasing him and stepping aside so he could dismantle the apartheid regime they'd spent upholding, and sidesteps any qualms he might have had about some of the region's truly obnoxious dictators who backed the ANC when they were outlaws. But he also takes the time to note when some of his less pleasant jailers displayed unexpected courtesy.

Some of the exchanges from his original trial are quite remarkable too, especially those involving the prosecutions "expert witness" on the subject of communism

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