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CouchDB Conf Videos (apache.org)
37 points by nslater on Dec 4, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Here are all the videos embedded on the conf site: http://conf.couchdb.org/

I'm glad to see so many new goings-on in the world of CouchDB. As an outside admirer, I was starting to think that the project was languishing.

Actually couchDb has been doing a plenty of conferences for a long time. They are a regular feature in erlang talks. And they are pretty active on github as well. It's just that they don't come in the news much.

well couch had a bad year in 2012, which Jan's talk touched on, but the project has been taking it's time sorting itself out and this year already has had some amazing things.

Thanks for the link.10 common misconceptions about couchDB and couchDB inside microsoft look really interesting.

I think couchDB team should add link to the videos directly inside the wiki. They could be a great resource for a new comer.

One thing that threw me off was the "10 misconceptions" person saying that show/list should be deprecated. Instead, I wish they worked on improving them. Pure javascript is not a good HTML development environment without JQuery and the DOM or Node.js. CouchDB v1.5 added an experimental Node.JS option, not sure if it affects shows/lists.

Yeah I agree with you about deprecation. While couchDB may not be a good fit building large html applications for small applications show and list are invaluable.

Consider a diqus like platform. How cool it will be if formatted comments can be served directly from the database.

But she said that they will be available through plugins. So we will have to wait and see...

The node js addition is to leverage the speed of v8 engine that impacts only the view building time and not much else(I could be wrong though)

> The node js addition is to leverage the speed of v8 engine that impacts only the view building time and not much else(I could be wrong though)

V8 and Spidermonkey are on par in the way we are using them. Node/V8 just gives us a little more flexibility and less C code to wrangle so we can make the view server better faster :)

People were using hoses and lists for things that they should have used an app server for (myself included). As another commentor mentioned, they are meant for interop with legacy systems. That option will remain, but we are likely to deprecate their use for app-servy-thing.

Either way, with the in-progress plugin model, many of these niceties can be easily brought back into any installation, should they be moved out.

I hear you, I just would love to be able to do everything in a CouchDB restful type way. The main reason I even look at using shows/lists was to make my pure Javascript/AJAX couch site SEO compliant. A pure javascript frontend website would be ideal if it weren't for limited search engine crawlers.

you want an app server for that :)

The idea is that show and list are only for things that can't actually handle json, like they want xml or worse, instead for small apps you can use jquery or pouch to download the json and render it client with a template, it's what i did for macode.org

This is good stuff. Thanks for posting.

I am eagerly waiting for the BigCouch changes to be integrated (this is known as the Nebraska branch, to those more familiar with the issue).

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