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I have a question...how big is the backend to this site? Its average response is about 100ms, which, to me, seems impressively fast considering the number of bulk records and the amount of concurrent traffic that such a site is getting. Besides the obvious indexing of the email field...anything special behind the curtains? Lots of machines? Something else besides a simple key lookup? Or am I just vastly overestimating how slowly a properly maintained DB will respond in such a situation?

He discusses a little in the intro post[1], but indicates he'll be writing a technical detail post too.

[1] http://www.troyhunt.com/2013/12/introducing-have-i-been-pwne...

I think you are overestimating. This is not so large and unique key searches are blazing fast in pretty much any DB under the sun.

This might answer your question: haveibeenpwned.com/HowFastIsAzureTableStorage/?email=foo@foo.com

I'm writing up how the back end is done and will post it in the next day or two, IMHO it's massively impressive but also very easy :)

Looking forward to it! The raising of awareness about security is alone pretty awe-inspiring, so the fact that I'm equally piqued by such technical details as the site's backend is really saying something about the impressiveness of the execution

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