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IIRC it is actually a certified Unix.

http://www.opengroup.org/openbrand/bpl/ Your options for certified UNIX seem to be Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, OS X and Inspur K-UX. WTF is Inspur K-UX?

> WTF is Inspur K-UX?

That is really interesting: http://beta.slashdot.org/submission/3145593/unix-03-certifie...

Rebranded RHEL?

That is interesting. If true, it would be the first GNU/Linux derived OS to achieve UNIX(™) compatibility. Whether Linux distributions could trivially be made compatible has been a hypothetical debate so far ("nobody wants to pay the licensing fees.") It would be big news to see that borne out. Hopefully more details will become available.

Lasermoon Linux was the first POSIX certified distro:


For Linux distros they are either too small to be certified, or too large to care for it anymore.

Red Hat Linux was certified UNIX sometime in 5.x days, IIRC.

'Being a certified Unix' and 'Stemming from Unix' are orthogonal properties; neither implies the other.

Nit-picking: the statement that these two things are orthogonal is much stronger than the statement that they are such that neither implies the other. The latter is compatible with a high degree of correlation; the former is not.

No dispute here, I was just pointing out that OS X not only stems from Unix (as does, say, FreeBSD), but the "is-a" property also stems from the Open Group actually putting a stamp on it.

This isn't to say OS X is "more of a Unix" than FreeBSD. It means simply what is says, without any other implication: the group that is allowed to say "yeah, this is unix" said that about OS X.

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