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Ripple Labs - San Francisco, CA

Looking for full time developers (open to remote and h1b with a perfect technical fit)

If you're not familiar with Ripple, check out the video we posted at ripple.com to get a better sense of what we're trying to do. Our payment platform has the potential to be huge and universal; we want to do what SMTP did for email in the payment space. There are a lot of players in the digital currency space but we think we have the product to set us apart. It's about time someone made payments as easy as email, and we have the technology to do it.

1.) JavaScript Developer - working with angular.js, backbone.js, and node.js

2.) c++ Developer

All job descriptions are found on ripple.com/jobs. Please send me an email if you're interested in hearing more - tyler@ripple.com

Are you open to remote employment from Europe?

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