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Brush, fur and neighbor points look really cool.

Using Bézier curves, but with variable width, can give nice "handwritten" feel to it - http://szimek.github.io/signature_pad (works best on touch devices).

That was super cool to use, and I totally create a digital version of my signature on my iPhone that I'm going to use! Awesome!

I had the same impulse, and then it struck me: maybe, just maybe, trying to replicate my hand-written signature on an unknown website that's obviously doing it's best to capture hand-writing is not the absolute best strategy, security-wise.

Not saying the author of that pad is evil or anything, I just questioned my own impulse. And stopped drawing. :)

John Hancocks arent particularly secure anyway, and I actually have little use for my digital version, other than using it on documents to be sent to people. Everything else is handled via other ways (or require actual pen on paper!) :)

:) Well, it's open source, so you can check what it does and even run it locally without internet connection if you really want.

Good idea though, I'll have to add form for credit card details :)

Nice! Line thickness based on distance between points seems perfect for replicating ink. Good idea.

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