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Geckoboard - London, UK. Fulltime.

We’re a growing (~15 person) startup based in Shoreditch (London, UK) with a small (~5 person) engineering team. Geckoboard makes it easy for businesses to see their key metrics on elegant, real-time dashboards. Our customers include large and small tech companies, government and non-profit organisations.

We've set up our culture to be as employee friendly as possible. Being a relatively small team everyone has the opportunity to steer the direction of our technology and processes. We're solving a number of interesting problems to do with sc aling, data storage and visualization.

Ruby Engineers

Check out the job spec here: http://www.geckoboard.com/jobs#op-25466-ruby-engineer

Javascript Engineers

Check out the job spec here: http://www.geckoboard.com/jobs#op-26828-javascript-engineer

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