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CognitiveClouds - Bangalore/India - Full Time

About CognitiveClouds

Cognitive Clouds crafts smart applications for smart organizations. From enterprise grade cloud applications to remarkable mobile apps, we create intelligent software products. As a partner, our success depends upon your success, so we share our best ideas with you to ensure you meet your business goals.

Our core team has decades of experience executing and managing products at companies including IBM Watson Research, Oracle, Sybase, Cisco, Yahoo, Flip Video and many other successful Silicon Valley startups. We are a team of 20, but our network of software engineers is hundreds strong, which allows us to scale to meet your requirements and deadlines.

We utilize a mobile first engineering methodology to craft robust products your customers love. Products we build are always production-ready, which means you can base your decision to go live on business factors and not technical ones. With a relentless focus on application speed, bug-free code, and offline optimization, we use modern technologies to engineer cloud back-ends, responsive websites and mobile applications.

Specialties Mobile Engineering & Design, Tablet Development & Design, Cloud Engineering & Infrastructure, Rapid Software Prototyping, Responsive Design, Agile Development, Enterprise Mobility, IT Consumerization, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, ROR, VOIP & Unified Communications

CognitiveClouds is looking for backend developers with experience in Ruby / Scala. Send a resume to careers@cognitiveclouds.com if you are interested.


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