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AddLive.com - Bay Area - Full Time (http://www.addlive.com)

Do you want to help us change the communications landscape and get freedom and autonomy in very significant role?

We are not a typical Bay startup, we are a scrappy, fun and distributed team of 7 who over 3 years have created some incredible software that allows developers to easily add live video and voice to their applications (web, mobile, desktop).

We are looking for an experienced individual (web technologies, obj-C, Java) who can help create our Solutions team. This team will be responsible for creating a layer on top of our low level APIs and SDKs and our customers' implementations.

Other responsibilities include:

- communicating with our dev community

- support in the PST time zone

- helping setup our Bay Area office

This person will be instrumental in forming our future and will have meaningful equity in the business.

The company has bootstrapped the last two years and is now profitable with around 30 smaller customers. We have recently signed two major enterprise deals to provide audio and video to large valley companies.

If you fill this description and would like to join us please email me, kavan@addlive.com.

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