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Experienced Web Developer - San Francisco, remote ok

SUPRMASV (suprmasv.com) is looking for a talented developer to join us as we build a platform where the world’s best hackers — whether they be game modders, bitcoin miners or drone geeks — showcase their work and get paid for offering support and access to their expertise. Our ultimate objective is free agency and hands-on vocational education for everyone.

We’re a small, fun-loving team of old-school hackers and startup veterans who iterate quickly and constantly, and push ourselves and each other to build the best product possible. We’re already live and focused on generating real revenue. We’ll help you further develop your skills and give you a stake in the company.

Here’s what we believe in:

* Using a scientific approach to guide product development (e.g., metrics, A/B testing) * Encouraging and rewarding results, not number of hours * Building a product where we can be proud of both the purpose and the technology * Putting users and their needs first * Investing in good development tools

We’re not picky about particular technologies, but we’d like you to have the ability to quickly learn whatever languages and frameworks we throw at you (that said, python skills are a plus). Ideally you live in either San Francisco, where our dev team is based, or Los Angeles, where the rest of the crew works from a pretty sweet studio overlooking Venice Beach. And if you have a solid track record and great references, we’re cool with having you work remotely.

Apply by sending links to your latest projects and a short email or cover letter about why you want to join SUPRMASV to hiring@supermassive.io. No recruiters or dev shops, please. Bonus points for posting one of your projects on our platform!

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