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Do you want to work on technology that transforms thousands of young lives every day?

Signal Vine — Full Time — Washington DC

Looking for Lead Software Engineer: Full Stack Rails Developer

Signal Vine is a mobile technology startup which was recently spun out of another company due to incredible momentum. We have built an SMS automation platform that allows our customers to educate and encourage students to continue their education and have an exciting, powerful vision for where this business and technology can go. We have already lined up a stellar group of investors to support us and are looking for full stack, experienced engineers to join us on this journey. We pride ourselves on the technology and products we build, and we value our team and the customer relationships we develop. In order to build a successful business, we move quickly and work hard.

We are in search of a talented developer with strong experience in full stack Rails development who can lead the transition of the existing mobile platform into the new company, and then lead the ongoing development and evolution of the platform to support the rapid growth of the business. You will play an integral role in the development of a new business.

We are committed to attracting and developing exceptional people, and to creating an environment that is dynamic, challenging, and rewarding, all with the goal of realizing our full potential as a business. We seek those who enjoy a collaborative, participatory work environment. We believe passion and a sense of humor are essential to making this an outstanding place to work.

Interested in learning more? Email hello@signalvine.com with your application or questions.

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