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MeCommerce/ThirdLove is hiring mobile (iOS/Android) engineers and UI/UX designers to take the lead in changing the face of eCommerce through computer vision and mobile.

About us:

+ We're a motley crew of fashion designers, eCommerce supply chain and operations experts, computer vision scientists, mobile and web engineers (a YC founder on the team as well) -- all working side by side to define a new generation of personalized eCommerce, with funding from a long list of tier 1 VCs and angels - http://www.crunchbase.com/company/thirdlove

+ We are straight-up flipping the traditional eCommerce experience on its head. Combining computer vision technology (9 patents, filing more) with all in-house designs, we offer perfectly fitting apparel for our customers at a fraction of the cost of other premium brands.

People we’re looking for:

Mobile Engineer

+ 2-3+ iOS and/or Android development experience + Degree in Computer Science or related field + Robust Objective C/Java knowledge + Proven end to end app development + Experience in the consumer spaaace strongly preferred

UI/UX Designer

+ At least 2-3 years past experience working as a designer + Fluency with Adobe CS products + Ability to communicate and explain your design decisions to non-designers + Bonus: You can implement prototypes of your designs in HTML/CSS + Bonus: Past experience in working on a team that's grown an eCommerce brand

In a nutshell: This isn’t a call for those looking for a job just to pay the bills. We want visionaries, challengers, and dreamers who are excited to join a well backed technology company looking to change the game for millions of people!

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