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Layer (https://layer.com) San Francisco, CA

The Internet needs an open communications layer -- cross-platform and free from an advertising-supported business model. At Layer, we’re on a mission to deliver it. We’re hiring iOS, Android, backend, Web and systems engineers, as well as designers.

We have problems to solve that you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere. Here’s why:

We’re building our own network. We need fine-grained control over latency and geographic distribution. We’ll be running our own AS (62862), peering at major exchanges, and purchasing transit from high-quality providers.

We’re running our own hardware. This goes to latency again: by owning our own routers, by being particular about what switches run behind them, and by provisioning memory and persistent storage specific to our application, we can deliver a better experience to our customers. We can also deliver at lower cost.

We’re designing our software for high availability. Losing a datacenter will not impact the availability of our service.

We’re building our mobile SDKs to provide a complete solution: offline message buffering, cross-device handling of push notifications, cross-device message sync, respectful battery consumption, and in front of it all, a simple api.

We care about documentation: https://layer.com/docs/ios. Our docs are the first experience developers will have with Layer.

We care about design. We won’t be releasing our own apps - that’s up to our customers - but we’ll be open sourcing beautiful example apps that build on our SDKs.

We care about security and privacy. Securing the transport is only the first step. When we don’t have the keys we can’t access the data. (In theory. Security is hard.)

Today we're a team of engineers and designers passionate about communications. We’re on a mission to make communications better through every product -- mobile or web -- that people use and love. We hold the power to dramatically improve the way 2 billion+ Internet users communicate.

We’re well funded and have already assembled an early team that shows we mean business. We’ve started and built world-class companies and highly scalable Internet infrastructure and invented protocols used by millions.

Get in touch: jobs at layer dot com

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