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This is a long shot but posting on the off chance it's of interest to someone.

ZenMaid.com (Part time, Remote or local to the SF Bay Area)

ZenMaid.com is management software specifically for maid services. This was our original plan but we're currently pivoting to a more general service software and could use an extra hand.

Bootstrapped lifestyle business, no intention to go to VCs or outside for funding.

Looking for a 3rd partner/founder who is familiar with: - jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Heroku (most important, - Ruby on Rails and jQuery). - design experience is a plus. - able to work part time (~20 hrs/wk).

Equity only (amount negotiable). This is a good opportunity for anyone looking to gain experience with the possibility of escaping the rat race. We have found a small product market fit but will know a lot more of our direction in the next couple months.

Email me at Amar (at) ZenMaid.com if interested or you want to find out more.


I recall coming across a web site aimed specifically at connecting entrepreneurs with engineers, designers, etc., willing to work for equity, but cannot find it now.

There are http://www.equitive.com/ and http://www.kaywebangels.com/, but that's essentially outside funding.

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