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Auto123 - Montreal, Canada - 2 Backend and 1 Frontend Developers

== Who we are ==

We're a team of 10 highly-trained but still fun developers building a new car dealership web platform that's going to power the web sites of our hundreds of clients across Canada.

We're working closely with a product team (marketing, design) and a production team (HTML programmers).

== Why it's interesting? ==

- Build a high-performance responsive web framework that is heavily customizable

- Connect to 10 legacy DBs and render a page under 50 ms

- Build a platform, work on API usability and interact with users to improve it

- Work on the automated deployment and monitoring of hundreds of web sites and web applications each week

If your pupils dilated at least once while reading, it would be interesting for both of us to work together :-)

== How we do it ==

- The infra team uses puppet, Fabric, nginx, and uWSGI.

- The backend team uses Django, celery, PostgreSQL, redis, memcached.

- The frontend team uses SASS, Compass, Backbone.js, and a heavily modified version of Twitter Bootstrap.

We love code reviews, daily standup meetings, campfire, contributing to open source, and paying for education (code school anyone?).

We hate long meetings, code without test, vendors selling things we did not build yet.

== Perks ==

- A ping pong table and some nerf guns (if that's your thing).

- Research and Development (we have a research grant with McGill University)

- A big office with wooden floors, brick and stone walls, located in the Old Montreal.

- Boring but important stuff like health insurance!

If you are interested, contact me at bdagenais@auto123.com with your resume and optionally, your github profile. Bonus points for bribes like github stars on my personal (https://github.com/bartdag/) or industrial repositories (https://github.com/auto123/).

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