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Berlin, Germany (local only)

Red Pineapple Media GmbH


We're a Berlin-based online advertising company seeking a skilled PHP backend developer. We're looking for someone to help us build a new video advertising product for the mobile, desktop and gaming markets. You'll be working in an international team in one of the top European startup cities.

We're using a modern web development stack powered by PHP's recent renaissance. Familiarity with the Laravel 4 framework is a big plus, but PHP developers experienced in other modern web frameworks are encouraged to apply as well.

Other than Laravel, the technologies we use include PHPUnit, EC2, Vagrant, Backbone and ExtJS.

Contact: echo 'bmFiaWxhQHJlZHBpbmVhcHBsZW1lZGlhLmNvbQo=' | openssl base64 -d

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