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FULLTIME - Software Engineers in San Francisco, CA Rentlytics, Inc - http://rentlytics.com

Apartment Investors are overwhelmed by their data, and the giants are focused on big-data solutions, but reality says otherwise. Most investment funds have a small data problem, they cannot make sense of 100's of megabytes of data. That is why off-the-shelf business intelligence solutions misses the problem completely. We're developing the solution our customers have been clamoring for.

Join our team of 5 people, and come make a big difference in an industry of dinosaurs. Our existing customers are all very happy, and we have a ton more waiting for their rollout of the software. We use Python/Django/Postgres on the backend and CoffeeScript with Backbone.Marionette on the frontend. Our team is based in SF, but we're happy to relocate you.

Get in touch: phil@rentlytics.com

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