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Quid (quid.com) - San Francisco - H1B welcome

This place has so much potential and great momentum with huge clients like Microsoft, Samsung, Visa, etc...

Our product combines advanced data visualizations, mathematical models, and data processing techniques to generate valuable insight for our customers. With only 12 developers, every developer's contributions matter a lot (seriously).

Check out one of our network visualizations (a news network about Lady Gaga =p): https://quid.box.com/s/kxc7hskuzokmd3f38c0w

We are looking for a variety of developers including:

* Data science developer to apply computational algorithms and statistical methods to unstructured data

* Visualization developer pushing web browsers to the limits with 10,000+ node fully interactive networks

* Full stack application developer with a Javascript specialty

* Infrastructure developers to make provisioning of entire clusters a push button experience

Apply by emailing hn@quid.com with a resume/portfolio.

Quick comment: the box link requires a login to view.

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