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on Dec 1, 2013 | hide | past | favorite

Some technical details about how this works:

In the demo, the computer vision and gesture recognition algorithms are running on a Windows 8 tablet, connected to the glasses via a USB cable. The tablet is processing the live video feed from the glasses and communicates with the AR Drone via the super easy to use https://github.com/venthur/python-ardrone project. For rapid prototyping, we started with the great JS hand recognition demo http://revealjs.herokuapp.com/ but quickly wanted the flexibility of OpenCV so we moved to the OpenCV Python libraries and other high performance Python libraries such as SciPy.

The bulk of the algorithm uses a variety of different features (such as color, motion and shape) to estimate where hands might be in the frame, and when a hand is found the foreground (hand) and background (non-hand) are learned to improve the robustness of the hand estimation.

We are building an application platform for developers to create applications integrating our glasses, and we'll be exposing the gestures API (among other APIs) for easy gesture-triggered events. This will allow lots of fun applications like waving your hand to turn the music up with your glasses, but we're really excited for all the ideas we haven't even thought of that we know everyone else will build with the platform and APIs.

I ordered a pair of these glasses through the Vergence Labs Indiegogo campaign (the company behind the eyewear is Vergence Labs).

They've refused to provide updates to backers at all. They go months between vague updates with 0 (zero) hard promises or details. It's been about a year since the projected ship date.

In addition, the team has been deleting comments[1] left by backers eagerly asking when their glasses will ship.

I've contacted the team directly multiple times via email, and have received nothing more than PR-speak responses worthy of the greatest nonanswers ever. As a counterexample, the KeySmart[2] Kickstarter campaign forgot to ship my reward and it was resolved in under an hour over email (I am not affiliated with them).

I'll continue assuming my $389 is as good as gone till the product arrives.

[1] http://imgur.com/b1YpjBl, http://imgur.com/hRoooh0 (comments URL is http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/social-video-sharing-glass...)

Hi Adam, I just looked up your position in the backers list, I believe your glasses will ship in January.

Thank you for your early support and I hope you will really enjoy your Epiphany Eyewear

Hey Jon! Thanks for letting me know! Really excited.

Hope you guys enjoy the technology, my coworkers and I have been putting our hearts and souls into engineering and manufacturing these glasses for almost two years now! It's been a long but rewarding road and I've learned so much about manufacturing that I would definitely recommend hardware technology to anyone interested in the experience of starting a company. Just be ready to spend every waking hour on it!

Shameless plug: you can get your own Epiphany Eyewear at http://epiphanyeyewear.com

When do you expect to ship the glasses? I see you mentioned in January for people who bought the glasses through indiegogo, but if I was to pre-order now, when could I expect to receive them? Thanks.

Thanks for your interest! If you order today (Dec 18), they will ship in February.

Hey Adam! We're full-on in final stages of production and assembly and start shipping next month, and will continue shipping all next year! Check out our facebook page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/EpiphanyEyewear Thanks again for your support! It's great enthusiastic supporters like you who supported us that make all the difference, so thanks again!

Hey Erick! Can't wait, I'm very excited!

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