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A way to hide your Javascript. Introducing SauceJs. (mysterious-ridge-3762.herokuapp.com)
10 points by stonlyb on Nov 30, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

I'm no JS expert, but isn't this basically just server side code, since only "commands" are sent from the client and no meaningful code is executed.

One of the goals is to make it easy to take your existing client side code and port it over. Specifically, I wanted it to integrate back into the browsers environment without any extra effort.

So the idea is to hide just the important stuff.

Pretty much, yeah. It looks the same as doing a $http() or $resource() call.

But, if all you know is javascript, and you need something done in less time than it takes to delegate or learn a new language, and you need it done with some degree of secrecy, this is your tool.

Like all tools, not for everyone or every scenario. It does suggest a way to make some of your code secret and easily reabsorb the results back into your scope.

And thus will never work with CSPs (with a reasonable level of enforced rules).

I consider schemes such as this as a subtle attempt to kill the freedom and open nature of the web. It appears I'm not alone.

Richard Stallman just had a heart attack.


pls share. im open to criticism.

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