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Best way to learn Scala/Akka?
5 points by zedzan on Nov 30, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Hey !

I am C-Family Developer, with good experience in JS/HTML5.

I have been trying to learn Scala lately for new project, exploring the functional capabilities and actor model. Akka is the main reason to use Scala in this project. I read that Actors are an incredibly powerful abstraction for building highly-concurrent, highly performant predictive systems.

The most books I found cover definitions, the why ? and not the how. As a developer with an experience in OOP programming, I don't need to learn things from scratch but I'd like to learn practical things. Can you suggest good ways to learn Scala Akka, Open source projects to try, Best practices to use in such advanced programming level ? Can you name any good books, blogs, talks to learn from it in order to widen my eyes on Scala's capabilities.

Thanks in advance.

Your timing could not have been better. There's a reactive programming course going on Coursera right now. Tomorrow we will start the part that introduces Akka. You can still enroll in the class.


Scala/akka Actors are just a convenient way for implementing asynchronous message passing, which frees your from thinking about synchronisation. I'm not sure if there's that much to learn, at least at the beginner level.

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