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> It's just a ton of system administration work.

Let's say I'd like to have a context menu where I can choose "Run in sandbox", then I would either choose a preexisting sandbox configuration or define a custom one. IMO, there's a plenty of research do be done on how users can seamlessly define allowed data-flows (what the sandboxed application can read and write), and how to implement the allowed data flows.

There's a fine line between "implementation issues" vs "research topic". Research can touch other fields than technical, e.g., HCI.

As an example, GPG is a powerful system, but all available UIs and "integrations" with existing mail clients are clunky at best. We don't know how to create a good crypto UI for GPG. There's a research topic.

Therefore, even the technically best sandbox won't be used if it entails a "ton of sysadm work". (For example, I have Linux installed in virtualbox VM, but I don't use it often because the integration with the hos OS -- e.g., clipboard sharing -- is clunky.)

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