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> This annoyed me in the same way it would annoy an astronomer if you called an asteroid a planet through some chain of tortured logic.

I think many people just say "stars" while they should say "planets", "asteroids", "stars", "galaxies" etc instead, even when they are well aware that stars are not same as other planetary objects. Well, I think I have made many required qualifications in the second comment as your point becomes clearer. (And I think many others have the similar assumptions, but that's another story.)

> All I am pointing out is that calling asm.js "native code" is inaccurate and misleading.

You are totally right on that. Asm.js is just "a JavaScript subset that can act like a portable assembly language". No performance guarantee here. One can expect the performance boost with the reasonable assumptions but as far as I recall V8 people don't think so. In fact, I'm not that interested in the performance of asm.js but in the potential use of asm.js for non-JS contexts.

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