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Ok. Here's an idea:

Imagine a code editor (probably embedded in some online where the developers would also work/code) that would show all the application code.

For developers, everything would be editable, so they could change logic, add logic, database calls, anything. On the other hand, for content editors, only strings (and arrays and numbers) would be editable. So the whole page would be freezed except for the parts between quotes. The developer could then hard-code these possibly-editable-values at code time (or leave them blank) and the non-developers edit them: categories, text content, values.

Hmm, there's those cases in which, to make use of database data, the code has to run into loops, checking and getting data from fields in which it was stored. This can be a problem, as developers using this metodology I'm describing would have to organize their code to handle static values just as if the values were being fetched from a database, but this problem must have a solution. I'll think about it.

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