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All this from an assertion about the simplicity of Clojure syntax?

Because this is just syntax, "A 'looks' the same as B. Cool!" is a more definitive statement. After all, it's just getting compiled/translated to JVM byte code anyway.

Efficiency is an entirely different conversation and tangential to the one we've been having regarding syntax and simplicity. Nobody has asked to this point, but I have no problem with Clojure's syntax structure. I find it very compact, I like the explicitness of parentheses, and like that it works in the JVM. (Disclaimer: I've not deployed any Clojure-based code in a production environment, so my own experience is limited.)

I also find that it's syntax has its own quirks, much like every other language. And while some things 'look' the same in Clojure, other things don't -- and that's perfectly ok. It's relatively consistent enough that the syntax logically points to its idioms.

But I stand by my original comment: it's only as simple as the observer makes it out to be. I don't find the syntax of Clojure more or less simple than many other languages.

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