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'git commit' your favorite coffee place to work in (commitcoffee.com)
35 points by jqb on Nov 28, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

It's an okay idea, but a pull request to suggest a coffee place is a pain in the arse, a drop pin and form would be much nicer, even for us who use the command line a lot.

That's a valid concern with this user interface. However, this might also work as a filter, because only real geeks will suggest a coffee place via pull request.

To filter, was an original idea standing behind of using git. I kind of understand that using $ git for this is way to much, but those days github allows to modify files online https://github.com/xando/commitcoffee/edit/gh-pages/places.j... as well

Only real geeks will suggest via git, sure, but there are a gazillion real geeks who simply won't because it's too PITA :(

I would assume that the main reason for doing a commit to the repo is for the most part to distinguish a developer from a standard layperson - as opposed to any easier methods using a database.

I don't mind this approach but from what I can tell, you need to automate your pull request to deployment process - ideally keep it down to a few seconds and even email the committer to indicate that their pull has been accepted and can be seen on the site with a link.

Looks like your ng-cloak isn't working - you may need to add a few CSS classes - see here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11249768/angularjs-ng-clo...

author here. I'm using ng-cloak, but maybe I misunderstood the way how this should be defined there, or maybe is not working well with less.js.

Thanks for the link I will have a second look.

`ng-cloak` doesn't work if your scripts are not in the head. Also, you should not use the less.js script in production, it is unbelievably slow. You should compile the LESS files into CSS files before deploying to a live site.


     .ng-cloak {display: none !important;}
To your css. You've already added the ng-cloak class to your element, angular will remove it once it is done loading.

Thanks for the suggestion. Should be fixed by now.

San Francisco only, but I've been using http://arethereseats.com/ for a while. It's usually pretty up-to-date (when it's not Thanksgiving) and has saved me from making a useless trip more than once.

And thus the term "forkbait" was born.

Actually I was thinking this is a great way to teach new developers how to fork, clone, push and do pull requests.

Nice! I was thinking of doing something like this some weekend. Wouldn't a database be better for the places instead of that static file?

I kinda like http://jlord.github.io/hack-spots/ more. (Although I'm biased based on geographical location.)

Powered by a Google Spreadsheet, so instead of `git commit`, it's "Add a row to this public spreadsheet!"

@xando - why did you decide to remove the authors.txt from the original repo? it's cool to see my contributed places on your website, though

This wasn't my intention. Let me know what you need will bring it back, but as far I can see this file is not there.


keep up the good work!

pozdrowienia ;)

Why would I do that? Why don't you got commit yourself some mturk workers instead.

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