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I had LocomotiveCMS on my radar for quite a while as it looked very promising, but lost track as development staggered for a year or so. Do you use their hosted solution or do you host it on your own servers? Do you have any information if the version on Github[1] differs in significant ways from the hosted solution? It seems like they are really pushing the hosted solution now, their website doesn't make it very clear that you can install it by yourself too.

[1] https://github.com/locomotivecms/engine

hey, I'm Didier from LocomotiveCMS.

From a person outside the project, I understand that you may have been under the impression that the CMS did not evolve quicly enough. But believe me, we were working just as hard on it.

Actually, you cannot have a clear look at the project activity just based on the Engine github repository because LocomotiveCMS is relatively a big project, made of many different components (Wagon, CustomFields, Engine). Besides, I even don't include the documentation site which has been greatly improved recently and it takes a long time to write documentation. A lot of work for a very small team :-)

I've been working on this project for years and for free and no project is sustainable in those conditions. That's why I decided to grow the business and to develop the commercial side of LocomotiveCMS. So we launched LocomotiveHosting this summer. And it goes well beyond hosting. It also gives you access to free upgrades and premium support. Moreover, the hosting solution relies on the same version of the engine. The slight difference is that we add maintenance functionalities like site backup on the fly.

LocomotiveHosting is an option. You can still host your sites on your servers, so this should not deter you from using our CMS. But we really appreciate it when our users sign up to LocomotiveHosting because this helps fund the development of new features.

We also provide consultancy for our CMS :-)

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