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asm.js is not "a better JavaScript". It's not "JavaScript with better performance". In most senses that people would use, it's not even JavaScript, really.

asm.js is not a faster jQuery. It's not for doing yellow-flash alerts, or for more quickly selecting and manipulating DOM elements.

asm.js is a way to ship traditionally desktop-type software, including software which was originally written in a language like C or C++ and compiled into asm.js from that source, to a web browser, to be run in the web browser.

asm.js is (a subset of) JavaScript's syntax, used as a transport/intermediate representation for that code. It will execute just fine as JavaScript, and well-optimized JavaScript engines can do quite well with it (hence it is fully backwards-compatible, if not as fast, in a browser which supports JavaScript but not asm.js), but the intent is primarily to treat it as an IR, with the browser performing the final step of compiling that IR to native code before executing it as native code, rather than executing it as JavaScript.

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