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You are technically correct - the best kind of correct! While I was being a bit loose with my language, I don't think that changes the point.

So maybe it's not an assembly language or a bytecode, but that's a pretty unimportant distinction. Those are all intermediate representations (IR). A good browser will JIT your asm.js IR to machine code in much the same way that a good JVM will JIT your bytecode. An old browser will interpret it more slowly, but it will still work.

Asm.js may be crappy at the moment, but it will get better. It's an easily JITtable IR for the web that's already supported in all browsers, even the old ones. And the security is basically free since that's already being paid for. Yes, it's a bloated text encoding, but gzip is pretty effective. No, it doesn't have great compiler support yet, but Emscripten and equivalent will no doubt have lots of useful headers and emulation and translation libraries very soon. Asm.js is going to win for the same reason that Javascript won: everybody already has it.

Nitpick: asm.js is designed for AOT, not JIT, compilation.

A good browser will AOT asm.js, not JIT it.

(In other words: pre-compiled, not compiled on the fly. Consequence: immediately as fast as a JIT would have… eventually… made it, but initial pause while compiling.)

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