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Are there really more Clojure jobs than programmers? As a clojure programmer looking for a job I haven't seen many...

Wish there were more though!

I said the opposite: more programmers than jobs.

That might change. Clojure's been making some pretty impressive in-roads into the enterprise.

At this year's Conj, there were a fair number of companies hiring. Staples Innovation Labs is apparently hiring a lot of Clojure people.

What part of the world are you in?

edit: well after actually reading your comment, I see now what you said :). Yes that seems like a good reason for companies to adopt Clojure, I hope they do.

Ah, yeah, I really wanted to go to Conj, but only found out about it last minute. I'm in San Francisco.

It's not that there are no companies using Clojure, it's more that the companies where I do want to work, don't want to use it.

When I mention it in an interview or something they kind of give me a funny look like they hope I am not one of those LISP people. I mean I can see where they're coming from. It's a big risk to let someone write in a language you don't know much about, and that you don't know if you'll be able to hire for in the future.

And at the places where they are feeling a bit adventurous, everyone seems to be leaning towards Go :(

Oh well, I can still use it for all my side projects until it gains more popularity I suppose. It really is such fun to use. I only started 2 months ago and I have been having the best time of it.

We are planning Clojure/West to take place in San Francisco in the spring (April-ish timeframe).

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