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I (not pwang) think it's an abortion of a language because the syntax, scoping and the language as are a whole is a pain to use. Sure, it runs on pretty much everything but that doesn't mean it's suddenly enjoyable to use. The only outstanding feature of JS is that it runs on lots of stuff but it need not be the only one.

As you say getting other languages to run is a good thing because those who don't like JS don't have to use it (or indirectly use it with stuff like Coffeescript).

just to be clear, I don't think that JS reason to be enjoyable is that it runs everywhere. I do enjoy the prototypical inheritance, I like the scope and the language in general. I don't like coffeescript but not due to a technical reason, its about personal taste, I'd rather work in JS. To each their own, the fact that we have a non-proprietary language that is available everywhere is a very good thing.

IMHO most people that do not enjoy JS is because they approach it from a mindset of an OOP programmer. People try to treat it like Java or approach it like a toy language to cook quick jQuery script then they feel frustrated. I am not saying that JS is everyones cup of tea but some people like me enjoy it.

The ideas that CoffeeScript is an acceptable replacement for JS and that "the language as a whole is a pain to use" aren't compatible.

Some people actually enjoy pain...

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