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If you're making PPC pages, host them statically somewhere.

I'd counter recommend this. In my limited experience with it, dynamic PPC landing pages are so effective as to be almost cheating.

BCC's AdWords campaigns are not doing well in 2013 for what I believe are unrelated (and mysterious) reasons, but the ~20 lines of Rails code which make URL #1 and URL #2 roughly the same today but will automatically switch URL #1 to a different creative in a few days have been worth, guesstimating a number here, somewhere north of $20,000. (Bingo cards are a very seasonal market. For the last couple of weeks, most teachers have been in the market for Thanksgiving bingo cards. This will not be true in a few days. The #1 URL, which I use for many of my campaigns, uses some really dead simple heuristics to guess which creative to show people. The heuristic was worth > 10% lift in conversions versus alternatives like "Pick our most popular activity ever", "Pick an activity at random", and "Pick Patrick's guess at what would convert best."


http://www.bingocardcreator.com/lpc/thanksgiving <-- There are actually about ~900 landing pages like this, which is a trick that few people manage if they do them in static HTML.

I didn't read the OP as advocating 900 static HTML pages... just using static pages as a first strategy, until reality, not your conjecture, tells you what you need.

Perhaps it would make more sense to say "you don't have to use the same CMS for everything"

Can I check I've understood you right, Patrick?

You have some code that infers from usage that, for instance, civil rights cards are popular in late January (Martin Luther King Day is on January 20th)? Neat! :-)

Right idea, but I'm not sure it would work for your example. MLK Day for the longest time didn't work correctly. I had a string tied around my finger about that bug for 3 years, can't remember if I squashed it in January or not.

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