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The issue is not any particular language but the platforms. Asm.js is an assembly language that gives native-code performance to browsers that's theoretically on-par with the JVMs' JITs.

You can think of asm.js as a bytecode (like JVM bytecode) that all browsers can interpret. Some browsers are now getting JITs for this "bytecode".

You don't write asm.js in the same way that you don't write assembly or JVM bytecode by hand. You write Java or Clojure or Scala or C or Haskell. Your compiler then turns that into either JVM bytecodes or asm.js assembly. And your JVM or browser will JIT that bytecode into native code.

The real issue now is that the JVM is currently a more capable platform, but the browser has broader penetration and arguably better security. Raw performance is becoming a non-issue with asm.js.

Actually asm.js is possible to AOT compile, not just JIT.

On a related note, are there anything preventing a language like Clojure(script) that already targets the browser to target asm.js instead? What would the advantages and disadvantages be (if any)?

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