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I think the above poster is talking about UX...

> 3. It works on mobile devices, flash doesn't.

False. Many (120000+) Flash apps are actively running with Adobe AIR on App Store and Google Play. AIR is a technology to package SWF as a native app.

> 4. The tools are out there. Check out appcelerator or unity's tools.

Unity can not export for HTML5 yet. Apparently they are working on it but I don't think it's that easy (As for the original article, I DO MIND the initial load time. That will be a big problem for Unity as well).

> 5. Flash never had the native performance or hardware acceleration that modern JavaScript has.

False. plain (non asm.js) JavaScript is slow. Don't trust micro benchmarks. And at least ActionScript is faster than plain JavaScript (http://j15r.com/blog/2013/07/05/Box2d_Addendum). And Flash Player 11+ has Stage3D which utilize GPU acceleration as well as WebGL. For instance, please watch this Facebook game (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBIJVt05jwc). Note that this is a commercial product. Not an experiment. Moreover, the same "Epic Citadel" demo was released for Flash on Mar 2012. One year earlier than HTML5 (http://epicgames.com/news/epic-games-releases-epic-citadel-i...).

> Compiled other languages to ActionScript?

Adobe Alchemy...

Please don't denounce Flash without a knowledge of Flash. I'm already not a user of Flash and currently developing with Unity and Cocos2d-x instead, but I feel I need to advocate Adobe guys from unfair bashing.

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