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So Asm.js is a strict subset of Javascript, and the author is saying that Asm.js is only useful when you want to compile a C/C++/Whatever library into Javascript, and that it's not interesting for Javascript developers themselves. Then I wonder: why? Can't you write Asm.js code directly (instead of compiling to it)?

You can but it's a bit like writing inline assembly code. The code doesn't look very nice and you lose LLVM's optimizer passes which kick in before the JS code generation.

But you could take Brython or Pythonium and make a Python2asmjs compiler (as I suggested in their forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/brython/I7VoZNCiphI)

This could be a chance to skip JS altogether.

That's the great hope. Instead of bringing Javascript to the server side to have a single-language workflow, you'll be able to bring the non-JS language of your choice to the client side.

Yes, asm.js shouldn't be making JS devs too excited, because you shouldn't write asm.js code directly. It's best to take a strongly typed languages and then run it through an asm.js compiler. JS isn't strongly typed and many of the optimizations are unavailable to JS devs. I am happy that V8 is continuing to focus on optimizations that serve the JS writers and I hope the language survives because I really love writing it.

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