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From a developer's perspective PNaCl and emscripten is almost the same to work with, the difference is just a couple of hundred lines of wrapper code (less then the differences betwenn iOS and Android wrapper code) and you need to find a higher abstraction layer for threaded code. And if the differences on the surface are so small, and the performance difference is acceptable as well (it is IMHO), I don't really care how the goal is achieved under the hood. Asm.js or PNaCl are not platform-lock-ins like DirectX or Flash. It's just POSIX + OpenGL with a handful of platform-specific functions, and practically the same code compiles on any other POSIXish + OpenGLish platform.

Good enough for C++, but with JVM/CLR languages running them right in the browser would be more ideal.

You're just considering the game-perspective, where you don't need anything but GL and sound. What about WebRTC? What about DOM manipulation? You can't do this from Emscripten very well.

It's actually really easy to build C interfaces to any Javascript API or lib. Since compiled code is just JS you can just directly call from C code into JS code and vice-versa. Most of emscripten's CRT wrapper is actually implemented in hand-written JS, as well as the OpenGL-to-WebGL wrapper. For an app which mainly needs to do DOM manipulation it is probably better to write it mostly in traditional JS and only implement the performance sensitive stuff in a C library compiled to JS. Best of both worlds...

How is PNaCl not Chromium lock-in? Pepper is defined by the Chromium implementation.

Only if you look at the generated binary. But the source code which created this binary can be compiled to a myriad of other platforms with only minimal changes. You can compile the (mostly) same source code to JS+WebGL, iOS, Android, OSX, Linux (SteamOS), even Windows (but not Windows Store apps), ... The differences between these platforms is about 1% or 2% of lines of code in a typical 3D game. Compared to porting a game to, say the Xbox One or WiiU this is "peanuts".

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