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Is it possible to compile Blink and run it using asm.js in Firefox? Then you could run Firefox inside of the Blink renderer, also in asm.js, and ...

One problem is that you can't do runtime code generation with Emscripten. V8 has no interpreter, so you would need a different JavaScript engine.

JavaScript engines can be run using asm.js. https://github.com/jterrace/js.js is a SpiderMonkey port to Emscripten (with JIT disabled).

You can absolutely do runtime code generation, you'll just be generating javascript. If you generate asm.js compatible javascript you'll be effectively JITting native code on the fly (you're just jumping through some absurd hoops to do it).

There are some proof-of-concept projects out there that do runtime generation of JS on the fly for things like recompilation and such in the browser right now. I believe Shumway [1] does it (recompiling ActionScript VM bytecode to JS on the fly) and PyPy.js has an experimental JIT too [2]. The runtime library for my compiler JSIL also does a significant amount of runtime code generation to improve performance and reduce executable sizes [3].

[1] https://blog.mozilla.org/research/2012/11/12/introducing-the...

[2] http://www.rfk.id.au/blog/entry/pypy-js-poc-jit/

[3] http://jsil.org/ ; https://github.com/sq/JSIL/blob/master/Libraries/JSIL.Unsafe... and others

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