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Hey Man, Husband and Father. I have a large amount of respect for you. My only suggestion is to apologize to your wife and family for not being able to provide now. The love and forgiveness that you receive from them will lift a weight off you that you may not know is there.

Also, remember, you aren't the first Man, Husband or Father to be in this situation and that you are not alone. At this point, make sure not to be prideful and accept the gifts of known and unknown people who want to help you out. None of us made it to where we are without the help of family or the kind words of strangers.

This too shall pass and you will come out even stronger. I am in the New York area and depending on what you do, I might be able to help introduce you to people. You can reach me at rwoodruf at gmail dot com.

Man you're making me tear up here. Guys more often base their SELF-worth on their usefulness in their career than women, so when a man fails in his work or can't provide he often feels worthless as a human being. This is a FALLACY and it's not even true for a second. OP said he wasn't even a man anymore and that's heartbreaking to me. We all need a support net, every single one of us!

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