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I can only speak for NYC, but its very hot. A couple of months ago my startup failed and I was looking for a job. I was only interested in early stage startups and wanted to work on every part of the tech stack (frontend, backend, devops....). In the span of 2 weeks I met with over 2 dozen startups and received a number of great offers.

how/where did you met them at NYC?

About 50% were through my personal network, the rest came from various online sources. Angellist worked really well for me, I highly recommend trying them if you're looking for early stage startups. Linkedin was overloaded with recruiters, I got little use from it.

Thank you! When my Marine Corps contract expires in about ten months I'm going to be looking and both the advice to try AngelList and the confidence that it will be alright will be a huge help.

thanks! Searching through small startups in NYC on AngelList now and it seems that there are not so many of them.

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