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I'm disappointed by Gladwell misinterpreting Lewis Strauss' remarks. When Strauss claimed that electrical energy [will be] too cheap to meter, he was talking about subsidizing plutonium production. Originally, the feds needed plutonium for nuclear weapon production, and they were paying about $1,000,000 per kilo of privately produced plutonium. At those prices, the sales of plutonium would cover the price of building and operating a plant, and the electricity would be a free by-product.

When the feds quit purchasing plutonium in the early 1970s, it destroyed the economic model for building and operating nuclear power plants. Not the meltdown at three mile island, nor tree hugging lawyers.

Please read The Curve of Binding Energy for more details. http://www.amazon.com/Curve-Binding-Energy-Alarming-Theodore...

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