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What are the consequences of the two options aside from fixing the original issue with git rebase? Should I be worried about some critical OS feature being disabled with option A or very slow git performance with option B?

I consider disabling the revisiond process a “hack“ and not really an option, as users may rely on this OS X feature. The daemon might also get re-enabled by an OS X update anytime.

This leaves you with the option to disable the core.trustctime setting, which I believe has no noticeable performance drawback for most or maybe all Git users.

If you are sensitive about the performance, perhaps a third option would be to make an alias for affected commands, especially for rebase:

_rebase = "-c core.trustctime=false rebase"

The standard filesystem in Mac OS X isn't POSIX compliant and hasn't ever been (HFS+ isn't, UFS is). If you're concerned about filesystem operations working as intended in code written for things that are POSIX compliant (like Git is) don't use it.

Option A will disable the same-disk Time Machine snapshots feature, while option B will slow down git.

Personally, I've never encountered this issue and I rebase frequently.

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