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Add Funnel Steps to Improve Conversion (jamiequint.com)
13 points by jamiequint on Nov 25, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Pretty awesome results for step completion, especially the 77% on step with 12 drop downs. "Payback" is a cool idea, being compared to Clint Eastwood after giving a bunch of mundane fit information is totally a feel good moment. I've definitely seen additional conversion steps perform quite well depending on the product. Sometimes longer funnels act as a filter for cohorts that are harder to monetize/macro-convert, but I would suggest leaving them wide enough so you can work on optimizing for everyone, not just the super-motivated customer.

The main take-away here is that breaking up a long sign-up process into smaller, digestible chunks tends to result in more completions.

The rest of the information is nice but lacks context. For example, is 80% conversion on the last step good or bad? How much worse was it before? And so on...

With that said I signed up for your emails and look forward to more case studies.

Thanks! 80% on the last step could be better, the rest of it performs amazingly well in my opinion. I didn't A/B test this, its was mostly put together from first principles I learned elsewhere. I would contend that this would be very very hard to beat from a conversion rate optimization perspective though without a lot of additional traffic to enable extensive A/B testing.

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