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How Bitcoin payments should work (alexsmith.io)
17 points by aosmith on Nov 24, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

hacker news should be renamed to 'bitcoin updates'

alex smith is pretty much spamming hn with his bitcoin posts

I'm done for a while.

Word of advice: ignore the bullies. A quick and easy way to tell they're probably a troll is if they have less than 2 avg comment karma (you can see it in their profile). As such, any hostile comment they make should be ignored.

EDIT: Submitting a bunch of tech-related stuff to HN is a good thing. Ignore the bullies and just write.

While I don't endorse feeding the trolls I did submit a bunch of stuff today.

There seems to be a lot of btc stuff on here. Would love to see a little more altcoin coverage.

I would agree except that each use case (restaurants, bars, retail, online, mobile, etc.) are completely different. Each needs its own solution.

Very true. What I am trying to describe is a sort of one size fits all jumping off point.

Replace VISA/MC's model with Bitcoin. Coinbase's API is a good starting point.

I think he missed the point of "P2P currency"...

P2P can rely on an open standard of hardware, right?

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