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A Coding for Interviews [1] group member mentioned that reading through the Java collections library [2] was the most valuable step he took while preparing for his Google interviews.

In addition to getting a better understanding the standard data structures, hearing a candidate say "well the Java collections library uses this strategy..." is a strong positive signal.

[1]: http://codingforinterviews.com

[2]: He suggested reading the libraries here: http://www.docjar.com/html/api/java/util/HashMap.java.html

I agree. It helped me when I was a bit rusty with data structures and was looking for a new job recently. And if you can try and re-implement the data structures in a different way. For example, the JDK HashMap uses chaining so try and build an open addressing one. Not only does it teach you about data structures themselves but it gets you practicing coding very quickly for these toy coding problems that get thrown at you during interviews.

I fully agree. I usually have a fun time going from method to method just exploring any of the implementations in that library. Josh Bloch (One of the writers of the library I think) uses a lot of examples from the Java collections in his book "Effective Java", which I also recommend to everyone.

Thanks for the docjar link. Is there a way I can see a syntax highlighted version of this?

Wow. Thanks!

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