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ktharavaad 1759 days ago | link | parent

Alright, This will be my project this coming weekend! I'll try to live up to the challenge!

karanbhangui 1759 days ago | link

No need, http://code.google.com/p/cnprog/ already exists.


karanbhangui 1759 days ago | link


Here's another, also in Django.


slig 1759 days ago | link

This isn't being maintained since last year. Great place to see some django anti-patterns, though.


bint 1759 days ago | link

What we need is an English version of CNProg.

There's a download here: http://code.google.com/p/cnprog/issues/detail?id=28

but I don't think it is production-ready yet....


bruceatk 1751 days ago | link

It's been 8 days, that's the equivalent of 4 weekends. It must be 4 times better than SO by now.


Longhorn213 1751 days ago | link

So did you get this done? I was on http://code.google.com/p/hackerexchange/ and I see nothing.


lucraft 1759 days ago | link



ktharavaad 1759 days ago | link

I'll update here as I make progress:


I'm aware of the chinese solutions done in Django but after looking it over, I think I can do better.

I'll prolly write it in PHP too (gasp) so any n00b can basically rip it off and throw it unto shared hosting! ahh, gotta love opensource =)


Jem 1759 days ago | link

"A clone of stackoverflow.com to be done over the course of the weekends"

Weekends plural? I thought this was only going to take 1?


wizard_2 1759 days ago | link

And shush up about it until you have something to show, less you fall victim to this phenomenon http://sivers.org/zipit


mistermann 1752 days ago | link

Ok, so where is it smart guy? :)


osama_drepper 1749 days ago | link

i am having difficulty pulling the latest revision. i'd like to review the progress made in the first weekend.


mistermann 1749 days ago | link



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