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Readable Feeds (andrewtrusty.appspot.com)
19 points by nirmal on June 29, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

A few people have emailed me about parameterizing the hack for the HN RSS feed that I created ( http://nirmalpatel.com/hacks/hnrss.html ).

Unfortunately, I have been a little too busy with full-time work.

Fortunately, Andrew Trusty decided to do just that. Thanks Andrew.

Awesome. I started using it with the Facebook developer forums feed, which has only the titles of each post, and it's a great improvement. The one thing it can't do well, though, is following the thread messages. Basically, a thread shows up in the feed several times, once for each message, and your feed is showing only the first message again and again.

Parsing forum feeds is probably what you designed it for, but if you can support that, it would definitely be a great improvement. Here is the feed I'm talking about:


what library are you using to parse feeds?

I've requested to Andrew to make it open source. My hack used feedparser http://www.feedparser.org/

just curious, do you intend to make the application a independent product or an addon feature ?

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