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I wasn't aware of BLISS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BLISS

It does seem to have some interesting features for a systems level language--for example, expressions over statements and references over pointers.

"Worse is Better" has a plausible explanation why C won out:


Curiously, both Google and Apple follow the "MIT/Stanford" school of design (though Google has lately been trending toward the "New Jersey" school). And it's generally been working out for them. Microsoft was always the New Jersey school, and it isn't exactly working for them now, although it did for many years.

Things not working out for MS has little to do with engineering and a lot to do with direction and product.

These are also product philosophies, relating to how much you are willing to make life difficult for yourself to keep the interface to your product simple.

One thing my VP (at Google) said has stuck with me: "It's okay if the code is gross as long as it's hidden behind an API. If the problem's complex, that complexity should be captured in the code rather than forcing the user to deal with it."

no, it just happened to be in the right place at the right time. like JS.

Its not related to the discussion, but where can I get the rest of those articles? The links to next/previous appear to be broken.

JWZ reposted it off Dreamsongs.net, Richard Gabriel's personal site. I think these may be what you want:


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